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What Do People Notice On Your Facebook Fan Page?

Social Sonar - Saturday, January 14, 2012

EyeTrackShop recently did a study for Mashable to help determine what people actually looked at when they went to some of the top Facebook fan pages.  Here's what they found:

~  For the most part, the participants visited the wall of the fan page first and spent four times more time there than on any other part of the fan page (the only exception was the Victoria's Secret fan page).

~  The smaller pictures (now the "cover") above the wall were noticed 85% of the time.

~  The "likes" column was noticed only 58% of the time.

~  Profile photos don't matter as much as you think.  Generally profile photos with faces in them got the most attention.  Only 57% of those who visited the Coca-Cola fan page even saw the bottle of Coke.  The exception was Skittles -- 90% of visitors did notice the bag of candy in the profile photo. 

~  Facebook walls with photos seemed to get the most attention.  In this study, those who visited Playstation's fan page spent 4.88 seconds looking at the photo-laden wall.  That was more time spent than on any other brand's wall (where time spent on any portion of any brand's page was never over four seconds). 

It appears that photos rule the roost.  Rather than spending time building fancy fan pages with extra apps or tabs, simply posting interesting, conversation-starting photos are a good first-step to creating a popular fan page on Facebook. 

Do you put photos on your Facebook fan page?  If so, have you noticed more comments than on other posts?


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