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Towards A More Talented Tweeter

Social Sonar - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

If you’ve taken a belated plunge into Twitter but still find yourself adrift in a digital sea with no rutter to lead the way, it may be time to refine your tweeting skills. Having a presence on a social media platform is only half the battle. Knowing what to do once you get there is what really separates you from your competition.

#Use Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags, you’re missing out on some of the biggest conversations on the web. Some of those conversations may even be about you! Hashtags are a way for users to connect with each other and easily search for content on Twitter. Use this handy symbol to reach out to users who might be looking for you.

Searching for hashtags is just as important as using them when you tweet. Look for hashtags related to important industry terms and you can add your voice to an ongoing conversation. A trending hashtag gives you a peek into Twitter’s hive mind and lets you know where the most important conversations are. It might even inspire topics for other platforms like blogging. 

Retweet After Me

You can think of a retweet as a digital high-five. It lets someone know their post was interesting enough to be republished. Your followers will appreciate being featured on your feed, and when you retweet users, they’re more likely to do the same for you. That gives you more exposure and introduces you to a host of new potential followers.

Retweeting retweets can get a little tricky. It’s best to avoid this practice to make sure you don’t fall into an infinite loops of tweets.


Be Direct

We’re not talking about the fact that with 140 characters pithiness is a priority, although that’s certainly the case. We’re referring to direct messaging, a feature on Twitter that not enough users take advantage of. A direct message feels more personal than a public tweet, so use it when one-on-one contact is preferable. Have a customer dealing with a sensitive and private issue? That's a perfect time to use a direct message.  Knowing the difference between a public tweet and a private message is important, so make sure you familiarize yourself with direct messaging.

Just like any other medium, tweeting comes with its own built-in advantages and limitations. The more creative you are in dealing with the parameters of Twitter, the more users will appreciate your unique style and flair. Using all the tools at your disposal makes you savvier, helps you stay relevant and puts you on course to building a stronger, more confident presence online.

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