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The Social Media Disconnect

Social Sonar - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forbes recently reported on a study titled “Variance in the Social Brand Experience,” by The CMO Council and Lithium.  The study showed the disconnect between companies and potential customers using social media sites. 

It was found that 67% of consumers connected with brands on social media sites in order to receive some kind of discount or exclusive offer.  In other words, they expected to be "compensated" for their loyalty to your brand. 

One question posed to consumers:

The top answer was for "games, contests and promotions."

Another question posed to consumers: 

Again promotions and discounts top the list.

One of the questions posed to business marketers: 

Believing that a customer is looking for "deals" doesn't even make the top three on the list.

In order for brands to successfully use social media to market to consumers, companies need to understand what their potential customers are actually looking for.  If your customers are on social media sites hoping for a special deal, then perhaps you should give it to them.

What kind of content do you have on your social media sites?  Do you offer deals and discounts?

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