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The Social Media Data Stacks

Social Sonar - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hubspot recently sponsored a report by Watershed Publishing's Data Insights entitled, "The Social Media Data Stacks," which was filled with charts for business marketers.  We have gathered some of the most interesting findings here. 

They start their report by stating these statistics:

~ Social media site users spend an average of 5.4 hours per month on networking sites.

~ Facebook attracts 734.2 million unique visitors each month.

~ Half of TV viewers tweet about TV shows.

As we already know, Facebook is King.  According to The Nielsen Company, Internet users spend 53.5 BILLION minutes on Facebook each month.  The second place site is Yahoo! with "only" 17.2 billion minutes being spent there.  Google comes in at third place with 12.5 billion minutes.  

When narrowing down to only social networking/blogging sites, second place goes to Blogger, with users spending "only" 724 million minutes there on a monthly basis (remember that we are comparing this to Facebook users logging almost 53 billion minutes each month).  Tumblr comes in third with 624 million minutes.  The top five is rounded out by Twitter (535 million minutes) and LinkedIn (326 million minutes).  

Globally, Facebook and Twitter are the top two sites attracting visitors.  According to a September 2011 report, Facebook receives 734 million unique visitors each month, which is an increase of 33% from the the previous year.  Twitter receives 144 million.  In the US, there are 140 million visitors to Facebook each month.  Blogger comes in second with 50 million visitors and Twitter is third with 24 million visitors. 

Interestingly enough, despite the large number of users visiting Facebook, they do not win in the customer satisfaction department.  Based on ACSI / Foresee Results' American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook is the lowest-scoring site in the social media category, as well as of any of the other companies measured.  Google is one of the highest-scoring companies.  

Google+ has long been questioned as a potential player in the social media realm.  Even with constant negative articles about how Google+ will fail, recent reports show that they are, in fact, nowhere near failure.  Experian Hitwise reports that Google+ recently went from a ranking of 54th most visited site in the social networking category to 8th in only a week.  

You might be more concerned with the numbers on your Facebook Insights than all these statistics.  You want to know that the time you personally spend connecting with customers on social media sites is paying off.  In a future post, we will break down how consumers spend their social media time and how best to capture their attention.  Until then, tell us where you spend the majority of your time in the social media world.  Is Facebook King for you as well?

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