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Social Media + Newsletters = BFFs

Social Sonar - Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Email iPhone AppPeople thought social media sites like Facebook and Twitter would make email obsolete, but the truth is, email is social media's "secret weapon". For people who aren't logging in frequently to update their status and check in on friends and family, email notifications function as a reminder to visit Facebook or Twitter.

Your email list is often more engaged than your Facebook fans or Twitter followers. It's easy to click a single button to fan or follow someone. It takes more effort to type in your email address. It also takes more trust. People see you as an expert, and are open to receiving communication from you alongside emails from friends and family.

One of the nicest things about email is that it can be read at a time that works for the subscriber. While there is a possibility it will get buried if their inbox is flooded with messages or checked infrequently, it will not be hidden under hundreds of status updates. It's easy to check on the go, since people can read email already downloaded to their mobile device even when they don't have access to internet.

Email also isn't limited by character counts, which means your business' voice can shine through. It's easier to go more in-depth in an email newsletter than create a bite-sized chunk people might miss as they scroll through updates. You can also craft a cliff-hanging paragraph that builds suspense and encourages people to visit your blog or website.

The good news is both types of marketing are a great investment. Social media and email marketing work in tandem to build your customer base by playing on each others' strengths. Facebook and Twitter cast a wide net to find people who might be interested in your business area. By providing interesting posts and tweets, you build a reputation as an industry expert with your fans and followers. Once a month you should promote signing up for the newsletter via social media. This way you will catch the most engaged fans and followers.

We can create an optimized marketing plan for your business that makes the most out of every marketing channel. Just give us a call.

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