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Social Media Gaffes: Domino's Apologizes for Great Pizza

Social Sonar - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some people really can’t take criticism. But you know what can be even more embarrassing? Not being able to take a compliment. That’s exactly what happened to Domino’s Pizza this past week when they accidentally responded to praise from a customer with an apology.

A social media faux pas is not the end of the world, and while it’s important to know how to bounce back from one, isn’t it even better to avoid having one altogether? Here are some important lessons learned from Domino’s Pizza mistaken social media “delivery.”

The "Domino's" Effect

If you have enough followers and brand recognition, your mistake is bound to be amplified through hundreds or even thousands of followers sharing the flub. A mistake might seem small, but it can have big ripple effects. In this case, it weakens the perception of a confident brand. 

Real Time Monitoring is the Way to Go

Automated messages may be a way to save you time, but they can’t replace the watchful eye and good judgement of a real person. A bot who is programmed to create responses based on keywords may not be able to generate the best response because it’s unable to understand the context of the original message. Allotting time and resources to a dedicated user will make your messaging more personable and responsive to changing scenarios.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Profile

When people engage you on social media, it’s in the hopes of reaching a real person on the other side. One of the things that’s frustrating about a mistake like this is watching the curtain roll back to reveal that there was an impostor there all along! With too much automation, you run the risk of losing sight of your original mission: greater access to the people who make up your company and can best communicate your core values online.

Don’t Expect the Worse

With any online interaction, it’s best to go in with a positive attitude. When you assume the worst,you may be the one unintentionally manifesting your most dreaded scenario.A gaffe like the one Domino’s experienced could betray your own insecurities about your product, and that’s unlikely to inspire confidence from your fans!

What do you think Domino should do differently in the future? Have you experienced a similar gaffe using automation? Share your thoughts below!

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