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Seven Tried and True Social Media Tactics for Facebook and Twitter

Alison Kawa - Saturday, July 23, 2011

There are a number of tried and true Facebook and Twitter tactics to engage and grow your audience. Here are some of our recommendations.

  1. Exclusive specials.
    Some companies offer discounts you can only receive if you are a fan or follower. This gives customers a reason to continue to use that channel.
  2. New products.
    Announcing new merchandise or services, especially if those are exclusive previews, is a great way to encourage site visits, as well as make your customers feel special.
  3. Offers.
    Facebook and Twitter are a good place to re-iterate ongoing offers. This type of post or tweet should be used sparingly unless you are an online deal site. Your company should have more to offer than just savings.
  4. Contests.
    Encouraging customers to think about and engage with your brand, whether it includes making a fun video, taking a picture, or just signing up for the chance to win, are easy ways to remind people about your company – and encourage sharing with their friends.
  5. Sharing.
    Asking people to share their lives is the equivalent of asking a friend about their weekend. People want to let you – and the world – know who they are and what they’re doing. It shows you want to get to know them better. As an added bonus, every time they share a link or photo on your wall, it is added to their feed for their friends to see.
  6. Tips and tricks.
    People love learning new things. Whether it’s related to your product or your industry, you come off looking like an expert and a resource when you’re the source of the information.
  7. Commentary.
    Having an explanation or opinion on things that concern your customers, whether it’s new laws or industry news, is a great way to show your voice, as well as let your customers know you’re thinking about their needs and concerns. Just be sure not to ostracize any of your customers. Ask them what they think.
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