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Learn More About Your Followers With New Facebook Graph Search

Social Sonar - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Facebook’s latest update is a more intuitive and personalized kind of search engine. With dozens, hundreds or thousands of interactions happening constantly, it’s impossible to keep track of the mountain of information that your business accrues every day. With the new graph search option, it’s easier to find out where your followers live, what kind of shows or movies they enjoy and even what kind of posts they’ve engaged with in the past. But what does that mean for your overall social media strategy?

Where My People At?

If you’re the owner of a pizzeria based out of Brooklyn, New York, you’re probably interested in growing your fanbase only as far as you can deliver. How do you make sure you’re targeting the people nearest you? With graph search, you can now pinpoint how many of your fans are local. If your service isn’t limited by a geographic location, you can see which areas are prime for expansion.

What Do You Like?

Are you curious to know what else your followers are into? This might be really valuable when it comes to cross promotional campaigns. If you discover that your customers are also big fans of Grumpy Cat, maybe it’s time to post a few more memes featuring her. You can discover more about the interests of your followers this way and tailor your content to encourage their engagement.


What’s My Demo?

With graph search, you can also pinpoint vital niche markets. You may suspect that your target audience exists in the overlap between millennial Harry Potter fans and beer enthusiasts, but up until now, there was no way to be sure. By pinpointing that precious overlapping slice of space where two big fields of interest intersect, you could be zeroing in on the most important demographic to your business. 

One of the great things about the search is that you can type in full phrases instead of just a string of search terms. That means you can find the answer to queries like “people who love mangoes and Rihanna.” Ready to try out graph search for yourself? Facebook is rolling out a beta version this week, so keep your eyes peeled and expect the option to show up soon on your own Facebook account.

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