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Groupon's Quadruple Threat

Social Sonar - Saturday, January 07, 2012

Although some businesses are revolting against Groupon because they feel like they end up losing money and catering to someone else's clientele, Groupon continues to grow in popularity with consumers. 

Yesmail has been analyzing what it calls Groupon's quadruple threat marketing campaign.  Groupon has been using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to deploy up to 15 campaigns per day. 

Their analysis of e-mails found that their average subject line was 42 characters.  They also rarely used their own name in the subject.

Groupon has over 350,000 Facebook likes.  Their most popular posts included questions for their fans to answer.  On average, they get 21 comments per post.

They have over 50,000 Twitter followers.  Their posts averaged only 74 characters.  They ask questions for their followers to answer here too. 

Their YouTube channel has almost two million views.  The average video length is about two and a half minutes.  Each video receives approximately 20,000 views.

Yesmail's final analysis is that Groupon doesn't actively push their deals through social media.  Quite the opposite, they use these sites to simply build their brand and connect with their followers by asking questions and posting creative and interesting content.  They suggest that others follow suit.  Ask creative questions.  Post interesting photos.  Encourage interactions and respond to your fans and followers so that a strong relationship is built. 

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