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F-Commerce and your Facebook Page

Social Sonar - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have you ever considered empowering your Facebook Page with an attached online store? There are now a growing number of social media commerce solutions (affectionately known as F-Commerce solutions) that allow you to offer your Facebook Fans direct access to your products/services. Pretty exciting, considering that if you've got a following on Facebook, you'll have built-in access to potential customers.

We recently spoke with small-business owner, Emily, about her experience with social commerce platform, Payvment. So far, she says that things have been going smoothly, noting that, “the interface was very straightforward, and our overall user experience has been great.”

Emily's business is in the home decor industry, so for her, using social media to sell product is actually a good way to test the waters with new inventory. Since her business page has about 6,000 fans on Facebook, she feels like she has access to the opinions and buying habits of a larger cross-section of potential customers than she would in her brick-and-mortar store. She especially appreciates Payvment's polling feature, which allows her to gain valuable information on her customers' needs and ever-changing tastes. And her customers don't have to go very far to check out her newest products - there is a nifty “Shop Now” button at the top of the timeline-style page, right next to the “photos” icon.

As of right now, she is very low-volume, so her service is free. However, she says that if things continue to go well, she may consider upgrading to the premium service. Still, even though sales have been steady, she does have some misgivings at times. “Is my business page a place where people can have a community in a non-threatening way - meaning without the pressure to buy - or is it a store? I still haven't quite figured that out.”

Either way, it's clear that F-Commerce industry is poised to explode in the next few years. If you're interested in exploring how F-Commerce could have an effect on your business, then look no further than Social Commerce Today's list of 20 Leading F-Commerce Software Solution Providers.

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