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Attracting Customers With Twitter, Part 2

Social Sonar - Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Last week, in Part 1 of our series, Attracting Customers with Twitter, we discussed optimizing your brand and reach using Twitter.  Today, we continue discussing HubSpot's report, "Learn How to Attract Customers with Twitter," by summarizing their suggestions for proper business etiquette for businesses.  
Here are some tips to cut down on the time you spend monitoring Twitter comments:

Tip 1: Reply When Necessary

Although many Twitter users feel the need to reply to every direct tweet with a "thank you," it is not necessary.  You should, however, always reply to questions and negative comments.  You personally may not know the answer to every question asked of your company, but hopefully someone in your company is able to answer.  Do your best to find an answer and reply.  Sixty-four percent of users are more likely to purchase from businesses that answer their questions on Twitter. 

Tip 2:  Follow Back To Allow Direct Messaging (DM)

If you would like to interact directly with your followers via private messages, you will need to follow them.  A person cannot send a message to any user that does not follow them.  Many people will try to ask questions first via direct message. 

Tip 3:  Place "@Reply" In Front Of Tweet

Twitter differentiates between a "reply" and a "mention" based on where you out the Twitter handle.  If you place it at the beginning of your tweet, Twitter considers it a reply.  However, if it is placed elsewhere in the message, it is considered a mention.  A reply tweet only appears on your profile page and the feeds of people who follow both users.  If you would like your tweet to seen by more people, place the Twitter handle somewhere other than the front of the message. 

Tip 4:  Schedule, Then Monitor

There are multiple social media programs to help you schedule regular Twitter posts.  If you don't want to log in on a daily basis to post content, finding the program that best fits your business is important.  Don't forget to monitor any replies or questions that might require a response from you, though. 

Here are a few tips to keep you from getting lost in the Twitterverse:

Myth 1:  Longer Membership > Shorter Membership

It does not matter how long you have been on Twitter.  As long as your content has value, and is not just spam about your company and product, users will follow you. 

Myth 2:  Tweeting Every Second > 15-25 Tweets Per Day

Although Tweets can quickly slip off of some users' feeds, posting too often can irritate your followers.  HubSpot's data shows that "15-25 tweets per day is the 'sweet spot' for increasing following." 

Myth 3:  Following Industry Leaders > Following Customers

You should follow industry leaders AND customers.  Many businesses don't follow customers or potential customers.  Social media should be a two way street. 

Next week, we will tie up this series by discussing ideas to jump start lead generation using Twitter.  For now, tell us how you've used some of these strategies to secure your place in the Twitterverse.


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