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8 Ways to Create Better Facebook Content

Social Sonar - Thursday, January 24, 2013
Facebook is something everyone has these days, but marketers can still find creating and using social media pages overwhelming. How much posting is too much? What do you post to get attention from your followers? How do you build valuable content? Here are some simple rules to help you create the best Facebook fan page.

1. Keep it short.
Facebook users normally look at their newsfeeds via their smartphones or tablets, which means less space to view content. Grab their attention with short, valuable tidbits.

2. Ask for feedback.
You can create a customizable questionnaire to obtain solid feedback on your brand or services. Use Facebook’s poll functionality to start asking questions that will make your business run more efficiently and better reach the needs of your customers.

3. Write Facebook Notes.
Perhaps your business doesn't allow for weekly blog post, but you still have things to tell your followers and the format is too long for a regular post. Try using Facebook Notes to feature your insights in this shorter form. As an added bonus, the info also gets indexed in search engines.

4. Call Users to Action.
Ask a question, post an image, share a video or link, and invite feedback. If your content doesn’t offer some way for users to engage, you’ll get less traffic on your page.

5. Demonstrate Your Expertise.
If you're running a clothing shop, you should have some strong knowledge on fashion trends. Create a list of how-tos or offer tips on what your business knows.

6. Reward your Fans.
You always want to show your appreciation for followers who comment and stay in touch with your brand. Offer some Facebook exclusives from your business. It’s quick and easy a way to say, “thank you!”

7. Improve your Image.
Don't just search on Google images for fun or quirky photos. Post things that are going on with your business by taking photos or videos with your smartphone. This helps others see your brand in action.

8. Be Direct.
While you want to keep your posts short, you also want to make the messages relevant. If people are unclear with a call to action, they will be less likely to engage.

Most importantly, have fun with your Facebook page! Since it’s social media, engaging your followers doesn't mean only having business-related posts. People care more about engaging content that adds value to their everyday experience.

Happy Marketing!
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