Client Testimonials

Take It from Tim.

Business Owner and current client Tim Smith works with us for almost all of his online marketing needs.

Social Sonar has really been responsive to our business needs. Not only have they done a great job of planning the overall communications from week to week and month to month, but as my needs have changed due to changes in events, customer questions, and customer feedback, Social Sonar is there immediately. So the customer feels we are very responsive to their questions and their needs, just as though we were doing it ourselves 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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What I really like about Social Sonar is their approach not only to integration, but their approach to communication and planning. They would take time to understand our business and communicate with us on a regular basis, trying to find out what we have going on: what new products we have going [out], what new events are going on, things of that nature, what's important to our business. They would then take the time to write things up properly [and] communicate them back to me so I have the opportunity to make sure it was in the tone I expected, as well as factually correct. And then they would completely set up all of the schedules. So really once I figured out what I was going to do, and what I was going to say, everything was taken care of for me in the manner that I expected in the time that I expected.

I think my customers have noticed a difference. First of all, it's more consistent. But it's also a little more fun. Social Sonar has brought some creative things into our business that we probably wouldn't have thought of before. That makes it more engaging for customers. So consequently when we put up a Facebook post that is related to our business but it's more of an informational or a fun piece, as compared to selling our business, I think it really kind of attracts the customers. [It] makes them a little more willing to come back to our site on a regular basis and gives them a little bit more levity and a little bit more depth and fun when they come to our Facebook and our postings.


Calvin Increased Likes & Engagement.

We worked with Calvin to develop a content strategy so could connect with its customer base.

Since we began using Social Sonar, we’ve experienced a 50% increase in our Facebook likes and our average engagement level has skyrocketed by over 300%! The quality social content that their team creates for us has significantly increased the conversion rates of our Facebook promotions and offers. Social Sonar basically pays for itself many times over.

In addition to boosting our social marketing efforts, Social Sonar also saves us a huge amount of time by supplementing our social media posts with highly-engaging content that we just don’t have the time, nor the experience, to research and create ourselves. I’m constantly impressed by the quality of content that their writers create for our blog posts every week. All their content is unique, well researched and expertly written.

Lastly, I find Social Sonar’s online content management system a pleasure to use. This allows me to easily preview and edit content and it allows for complete transparency and easy communication. I would highly recommend Social Sonar to anyone looking to outsource their social media management.

Courtney Young

Courtney Left the Details to Us.

We worked with Courtney Young, Corporate Brand Developer for ForeSight Communications, LLC to successfully promote her client Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration.

I have been super pleased with Social Sonar. This service has made doing my job so much easier knowing their team was going to handle the 'heavy lifting' in the social media. I look forward to working with the Social Sonar team again in the future!

Debbie Anderson

Debbie Was Delighted with our Service.

We worked with Debbie to re-skin Victorian House Scones and later migrate it when her hosting provider went MIA.

Alison was prompt, reliable, easy to reach throughout the entire process, completely forthright with any questions she had of us, and completely open about answering any questions we had during the redesign process.

Years later... it became apparent that I had to migrate my website off his [unreliable web master] server into our own space. I contacted Alison to ask her if she still had any access--while we were on the phone she began the backup process for our website--and then put her web guru onto the task of physically migrating the site.

Within 24 hours we were completely migrated over to our own space, and everything about our website was fully and completely functional--seamlessly... they made sure that everything worked, looked exactly right--and stayed with me through all the testing of all the functionality.

I can't speak highly enough of Alison or her team. While we do not currently use them for our Facebook presence, (I currently do that myself), I have been watching her FB postings for a couple of businesses I follow, and am planning to talk with her soon about doing this for Victorian House Scones.